SRC Council Members

Co-Chairperson, Melissa Brusso and Jane Slade
Vice-Chairperson, Catherine Sansonetti
Secretary, Barbara E. Fernandez
Chair State Plan, Policy & Quality Assurance Committee, Catherine Sansonetti
Chair Membership Training Committee, Melissa Brusso
Cathy Andreozzi
Regina Connor
Cynthia M. Cote
Tracey Cunningham
Jennifer Doucette
Anne Fartura
Nina Fiasconaro
Kate McCarthy-Barnett
Nicole Rico Serrano

Keri Rossi-D´entremont
Christine Yankee
Natalia Montoya, ORS Rehabilitation Counselor
Ex-officio Ronald Racine, Associate Director-
Division of Community Services, ORS
Ex-officio Joseph Murphy, Administrator - VR (non-voting)
Laurie DiOrio, Administrator - SBVI Liaison (non-voting)
Nancy Baker, SRC Facilitator/Contact

SRC Council Members

2019 SRC Breakfast Meeting

Back Row: Ronald Racine, Nancy Baker, Vincent Rossi, Linda Deschenes, Christine Yankee, Joseph Murphy, John Valentine
Middle Row: Chrstina Battista, Joan Fino, Natalia Montoya, Melissa Brusso
Front Row: Jack Ringland, Chair Judi Drew, Catherine Sansonetti, Peggy Benz

For further information, contact Ron Racine at
(401) 787-4042, or
via email at or email: to contact staff assistant.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the SRC Membership Application Form.