ATAP hosts Apple Accessibility Event

Published on Friday, May 03, 2024

      The Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP) partnered with the Apple Accessibility team to host an event for local leaders and organizations in the State of RI that have the capacity to educate and empower individuals with disabilities on the latest in Apple Accessibility. On May 3rd, 2024 members from organizations such as the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities and Rhode Island's Office of Rehabilitation Services attended the event which was held at the Cranston Public Library. Apple's Education Leadership Team was there to teach users about Apple's Accessibility features by way of four accessibility centers that were set up with a focus on Vision, Mobility, Speech and Cognition.

     Attendees were each given iPads to take with them to different stations to receive a hands-on learning experience about Apple's range of Accessibility features. 

pic 1

     Apple had members of their leadership team available at every center to provide demonstrations on how to utilize their accessibility features. 

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     Users also had the option to learn at their own pace by following along the written instructions and being able to download the information onto their personal devices for future reference. 

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     Users were educated on topics such as creating accessibility shortcuts, setting up customized control centers, utilizing voice control features, utilizing the magnifier application, and using assistive touch features as well as the live speech feature. 

     Apple builds accessibility features into all of their products so individuals can use them in a way that works for them. Given the range of learning styles and abilities of students today, educators need technology and resources such as these to accommodate and personalize learning. Attendees had the chance to practice using these features at the event and were able to bring back their newly acquired knowledge to their respective organizations to further educate and empower individuals with disabilities by sharing the numerous accessibility options that are available to them.

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     Attendees included guests from University of Rhode Island's Speech and Hearing Center, ATEL Village Common of RI, Stand Fast, RI Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Perspectives Corporation, East Providence School District, Governor's Workforce Board, Paul V. Sherlock Center, Tech Access of Rhode Island, East Bay Educational Collaborative, the Department of Behavioral Healthcare Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals, Rhode Island Elder Info, and Looking Upwards.

     To learn more about the accessibility features available with Apple's products click on the link: