Rhode Island Assistive Technology Champion 2024

Published on Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Arianna Bordeleau is Perspective Corporations' Assistive Technology Specialist. 

While in her position, she has gone above and beyond by meeting each individual at their level of interest and need.  Ariana is committed to making the use of assistive technology available to all, while at the same time, enhancing individuals' worlds to be a bit bigger and wider. She has the ability to work independently while keeping all teams up to date in all settings. She is extremely flexible and is able to adapt as needed between different settings. 

Arianna has done wonderful work in our aging homes introducing technology to make their lives fuller. This may be by introducing an iPad to communicate with family members cross country or creating new items for censoring enhancement.  

Arianna has been able to obtain the funds for 3-D printer, which has fostered amazing independence. This 3-D printer has assisted with creating much needed adaptive equipment. She has created pieces for pulling a zipper, plugging something into a socket, and the creation of an apparatus that allows someone to learn how to manipulate a key.   Whether it is technology to be more, independent, foster companionship, and or assist in de-escalating a certain situation with the use of technology, Ariana is on it. 

Lastly, Arianna thinks outside the box and never sees an obstacle, but instead a solution. Perspectives Corporation stated "We are incredibly lucky to have her on our team here at perspectives", and ATAP added "We are incredibly lucky to have Arianna as our Rhode Island Assistive Technology 2024 Champion." 

Please congratulate Arianna on her fantastic work!

Photo of Jen Fiske, Mike Matracia and Arianna Bordeleau
Photo of Jen Fiske, Mike Matracia, Arianna Bordeleau