Rhode Island Council on Assistive Technology (RICAT)

"Promoting and supporting availability of assistive technology for people with disabilities"

The Rhode Island Council on Assistive Technology (RICAT) is a group of citizens that give advice to the Rhode Island Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP). Assistive Technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment or system that is used to make things easier to do for people with disabilities. The Partnership is a group of agencies that work together to help people get information about AT. This information might be: what kinds of AT there are, where to get it, how to use it and how to pay for it.

Federal money is given to each state and the District of Columbia to run the Partner agencies. The Councils on Assistive Technology work to make sure that the services of the partner agencies truly helps the people in their own state. The Councils are also actively involved in promoting laws that keep Assistive Technology available and affordable.

Assistive technology is any tool, equipment or service designed to help you develop, maintain, or improve your ability to function in all aspects of your life. Assistive technology helps people of all ages who may have a broad range of disabilities or limitations.

For someone who does not have full use of his hands, assistive technology may mean a no-worry dinner thanks to a special fork grip or plate guard. To a child or adult who cannot use her own voice, assistive technology may mean a communication device to chat with a friend. To a person who is visually impaired, assistive technology may mean a specially adapted computer to use at school or work. With assistive technology, people can find freedom, independence, and fully participate in their home, community, and workplace.

Please use the resources on this website to find out more about assistive technology and RICAT's role in helping Rhode Islanders.