RICAT Member Bios

Florence Adeni-Awosika is an assistive technology user who is a teacher in the Providence School System.

Margaret Hoye is an AT user who is visually impaired.

Elisabeth Hubbard is a staff attorney at RI Disability Law Center.

Thomas Karweh is a residential assistant at the J. Arthur Trudeau Center and an independent counselor at Ocean State Community Resource Inc.

James Litvack is an assistive technology user and represents the independent living community on RICAT.

Becky Wright is an Education Specialist who represents the Rhode Island Department of Education, Office of Special Populations on RICAT.

Michael Matracia has multiple sclerosis and is a consumer of AT. Michael continues to work with the Providence Police Department where he advocates for people with disabilities through the department.

Teresa O’Brien is a vocational rehabilitation counselor at ORS, and is very familiar with assistive technology that would be positive for people with disabilities.

Daniel Pieroni is a consumer of AT that has a mild case of cerebral palsy. He is a motivator and likes to help and meet people and to be an advocate for people with disabilities.

Colleen Polselli represents the Department of HEALTH on RICAT.

William Robinson is retired and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as arthritis. Bill uses assistive technology and adaptations as needed to improve his independence, and would like to advocate for others to improve their participation in the community.

Ying Sun is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. He is the director of the Biomedical Engineering Program and the director of the Assistive Technology Lab. His research interests include medical imaging, instrumentation, neuroengineering, and the development of new assistive technologies to aid persons with disabilities.

Kim Wennermark currently works as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for Veterans Affairs. He is familiar with state agency roles through work, but also has a consumer perspective.

Roberta Greene Whittemore , was promoted from an ORS Supervisor to the position of Assistant Administrator/ATAP Program Director.

Ron Racine, ORS Acting Associate Director