State Rehabilitation Council

"Working with the Office of Rehabilitation Services, assuring that all Rhode Islanders with disabilities are able to obtain and keep meaningful and satisfying employment"

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The Council is a citizen advisory body appointed by the Governor and mandated by the Rehabilitation Act as amended. The Council shall, after consulting with the State Workforce Investment Board:

  • Review, analyze, and advise the Office of Rehabilitation Services regarding the performance of the responsibilities of the Agency in planning, developing and implementing services to persons with disabilities in order to affect competitive employment outcomes.
  • Advise and assist in the application of State Plans, Strategic plans, reports, needs assessments, and evaluations required under the Rehabilitation Act as amended.
  • Conduct a review and analysis of the effectiveness of consumer satisfaction with the functions and activities of the State Agency as they relate to employment outcomes.
  • Advise the State Agency and provide for working relationships between the State Agency and the Statewide Independent Living Council and centers for independent living within the State.
  • Coordinate with other councils within the State to insure the effective and efficient delivery of services in order to attain employment outcomes.
  • Perform such other functions as the Council deems appropriate and that are comparable to the other functions performed by the Council.
  • Prepare and submit an Annual Report to the Governor and the Rehabilitation Services Administration.


To work with ORS assuring that all Rhode Islanders with disabilities are able to obtain and keep meaningful and satisfying employment.


The SRC is an independent body of diverse members that works together

- to insure continuous improvement in ORS employment outcomes;

- enhances communication among all people and groups committed to increase opportunity for people with disabilities;

- increases employer awareness of people with disabilities as a productive human resource pool; and

- has the respect of decision-makers in the allocation of resources.