ATEL Hearing and Speech Lab & Loaner Library

The ATEL Program  Hearing and Speech Lab offers demonstration, as well as, many devices for short-term loans.   For more information on short-term loans, demonstrations, or purchasing equipment, please contact Denise Corson at 486-3325, or email

Hearing Devices

Tv Systems, Bluetooth, Personal Amplifiers, Personal FM Listening System, Loop System for Meetings, Vibrating Watch, Timer, Doorknocker /Door Bell, Fire Alarm (Standalone Devices), Alarm Clocks (Standalone Devices), Two Way Personal Pager System, Sonic Alert HomeAware Systems/Accessories, Telephones (Amplified and Captioning), and Hearing Apps for Smartphones

Speech Devices

Speech Amplifier, Relay Telephone, and Speech Apps for Smartphones

Also, you can find a list of  equipment vendors by visiting the CDHH website.  Some models may be replaced by newer versions.  Prices and availability from vendors subject to change.